Arthur Foliard


Project realised at Koto as Senior Designer. Full casestudy here.
Creative Director: Jowey Roden


Branding the intangible
Cloud-based contact centre technology: not the easiest thing to wrap your head around. But NewVoiceMedia uses its cutting-edge tech to help businesses build armies of winning conversationalists better able to serve their customers. In a B2B market overshadowed by Salesforce, maintaining a bold, opinionated presence isn’t always easy. We’re helping NewVoiceMedia change that.

Making every conversation great
NewVoiceMedia helps people everywhere find their voice, making cold calls warmer and difficult conversations easier. When it came to building a new brand, voices were a natural place to start. The graphic waveform reflects the varying frequencies and tones of natural speech, while at the same time acting as a shorthand for the NVM initials. The result is a symbol that serves as a powerful reminder, to both customers and colleagues, of the brand’s important mission.


On the same wavelength
The waveform has become the mainstay of the identity, adjusting to fit each varied NewVoiceMedia communication, each time reflecting a different voice in pitch and volume. Complementary iconography creates cohesion, while the high-contrast colour palette allows the brand to pop against a backdrop of B2B blue competitors. The end combination is the perfect conduit for their bold, intelligent brand communications.

Unleashing Koto to create our visual identity was one of the smartest decisions we made in our recent business transformation project. They had the perfect blend of creativity and commercial understanding to produce work we are very proud of.
— Dennis Fois, CEO, NewVoiceMedia